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Kushiro winter smelt fishing special

TORO Nature Center smelt fishing tours


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Smelt fishing in TORO Nature Center

One of the rites of winter in Hokkaido. Lets enjoy the Smelt fishing on endless white ice (ice fishing) !


By not clinging to the cold stove and go, get out on the table. Here is a majestic natural Kushiro winter.

During the summer, the lake had floated the canoe to something that is covered in ice and snow white.

Such a hole in the ice sheet, try hanging a fishing line, "pixels, Pikutsu" sound from the middle of winter Kushiro (Atari) come back. Something or are approaching it with a crane and sea eagles can feel. Kushiro I feel full of life what winter.

TORO Nature Center's smelt fishing tours is guided from a service that, you try and charm you with confidence by inexperienced children fishing.


Smelt fishing guides who are familiar with, and considering the weather conditions and lake ice conditions, will guide you to everyone.
How to teach a good fishing hole - selection - fishing, the guide will help you all.
Fried smelt are caught on the fly. Piping hot, crispy, fresh fish, tempura-fried taste of excellence. ?

Enjoy a guided tour is unique.
No need for special tools available! (Eg, needle feed spring pole, all basic equipment will be provided here), you can participate with confidence.



Point of The fishing

Plankton food smelt. Migration has been looking for plankton in the dark under the ice in droves.
So, by turning to focus light through a hole opened in the ice, plankton which were distributed to flock towards the light. Asking for this plankton gathered smelt, the smelt bite is bait was introduced into the hole.
I have the advantage of the natural environment and ecology of smelt like this, "the point of fishing hole" is.



Smelt Fishing Basics


Smelt fishing has a wide range of sporting events - experienced beginner. However, the "small fish against ga ..." . "Fishing delicate" and is not an exaggeration to say exactly synonymous with smelt fishing, it's a little powerhouse slam come let us a challenge to anglers around the pike through numerous subtle. Smelt fishing is the best part of the ice edge and the game of what can be said no longer infinitesimal, certainly should help to cover the pull unsatisfactory taste. In addition, the unique flavour of Dobburi and immersed in the frigid wilderness, I would say one appeal.  "fun anyway" you can enjoy it enough for beginners and children.

Smelt fishing is a winter season (around January to March 12). During this period, small groups of smelt are joined to create a larger herd, so eating and moving large plankton. Be able to fish many smelt are at this time

Speaking of fishing on the frozen lake smelt "fishing holes" is well known, that the ice-drilling equipment dedicated to the frozen lake, about 15cm diameter hole or pick, etc., is not that raise the smelt from the hole. So in the world of fishing is always below freezing, and must be committed to the measures against cold.


■ What to offer

Dress - ◇ -: down jacket, warm clothes, etc. Please come over pants.
◇ - Prevention: Best muffler - ◇ - things hidden Ears
◇ - gloves -
Shoes - ◇ -: cold, I have some waterproof
Cairo ◇  ... the better prepared you are warm and there. Cairo Hakukin recommended.
◇ sunglasses ... it  is a high rate of sunshine,

Came from Scandinavia, kick thread



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