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 Earth Circle Company Info.

Company name: Earth Circle company

Location: North8th Av. Toro, Shibecha, Kawakami, Hokkaido, 088-2264
Telephone: 01548-7-3131 facsimile:01548-7-3132
Representation: Teddy Saito

New Zealand affiliated company
Earth Circle Ltd (NZ)
49 Hawley Rd R.D.1 Alexandra 9197 New Zealand
Managing Director : Teddy Saito

The contents of operating


O New business development, product development, sales promotion,
   marketing, business consulting


O Outdoor support system [Details] -Sorry Japanese only.


O Homepage creation, management, [Details]


O Fishing tour operating "Holiday which meets TROUT" [Details]


O The Wildlife tour operating "TORO Nature Centre" [Details]
   " Hokkaido  exploration club"
[Details] -Sorry Japanese only.


O Eco-tour (environment and experience study) operating [Details]
   -Sorry Japanese only.


O Virtual Information Centre "DOTO information" management [Details]
   -Sorry Japanese only.


O The Internet shop "Tight Lines" (fishing pro shop) management [Details]
   -Sorry Japanese only.


O tearoom "Marshland" (tentative name: -- it will be open in June) management

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Earth Circle Limited (JP) アースサークル社 〒088-2264 北海道川上郡標茶町塘路 Phone01548-7-3100

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