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Japanese web pages

(Prices as at November 2001 - all prices GST exclusive)


Why don't you get your own Japanese home pages for your business?

It's so easy,
just put
the button linking to http://www.dotoinfo/your business name/
on your own web pages.


The cost for your Japanese web pages.            Web Pages Design + Hosting=from JPY30,000/year


  • Japanese web page design - We can design your Japanese home page from your own home pages, scratch, or you can have as much input as you like. From \30,000(JP Yen) per year set-up, hosting and maintenance for basic text pages.

  • Web page hosting - We host your web page on our own DOTO Information website, giving you all the advantages of being included in a major searchable and high traffic information site which has developed a number of key links. Included in our annual hosting fee is website maintenance - we ensure your individual web site is registered on all of the major Japanese search engines and we check regularly that it stays there. We will also carry out minor site alterations during the year as required by you (price changes, change photos or text) as part of our maintenance contract.

  • Graphics creation - we can create new original graphics to your requirements

  • Scanning photos - we can scan colour photos for inclusion in your website - the cost is normally included in your set-up fee.

  • Counter - we can add a free counter to your web page, or an original counter to your web page for a \5,000 one-off fee

  • Guestbook- invite visitors to leave messages on your site for anyone to read. Free or \5,000 per year

  • Booking form - bookings for your activity are made and sent by email to your address \5,000 set-up fee

  • Translation services – When you receive e-mail in Japanese, we can translate to English. Quoted per job.

  • Java clickable menus - menus that keep your website tidy and easy to work through - quoted separately

  • Animations - adding some gimmicks to your website can make that bit of difference - quoted separately

  • Sound - add sound to your website - quoted separately

  • Video clips - quoted separately


CONTACT US at for a quote on web pages to your specifications and or domain name hosting.




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