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Welcome to TORO Nature Centre at the entrance of Kushiro Marshland !

Get Closer to Nature!
Kushiro wetland National Park


Impression! Kushiro Marshland

We let you know the wonderfulness of Kushiro Marsh Land of a through lever for an actual physical feeling
and actual experience to many directions.
I think that I would like you to feel the wonderfulness of people making a living with nature with the heart and the body.



It is the place which brings a natural distance close with people here.

Available English Speaking Guides !


A member of the Canoe Network in Kushiro River

A member of the Hokkaido Outdoor Guides Association

River Ranger of Kushiro Marshland

A member of Hokkaido Professional Fishing Guides Association

A member of Shibecha-cho sightseeing association


Nature Canoe Optional Combo Winter


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Wildlife Tours

The holiday which feels nature with the heart and the body in Hokkaido

I show the nature in which Eastern HOKKAIDO is not much known.
Please feel with the heart and the body the nature which
on the usual tour cannot be touched easily.

Awesome, Kushiro Marshland !

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Nature Watching Tours
Get closer to nature

Please enjoy the four seasons occasionally 、 Kushiro Marshland. The Marshland guide cater you to the best point. It doesn't try feeling the wind which crosses the Marshland directly with the skin? It is course of the popularity which is rich in change the forest, the lake, and the Marsh.


Canoe Tours & River Watching Tours 
    Canoeing/Drifting in a National Park

Freely and easily, Let's enjoy the Kushiro Marshland. Though popular course.
As for the canoe which is used at TORO nature centre. It is the Canadian canoe for Max 3 passengers. The guide being to ride together by all means please feels at rest (is not accompanying by another boat)


Special Tours

    Be wowed by nature

Combine with Nature Watching, Canoe, and Horse Trekking Tours.


Seasonal Special - Winter Special  December to March

    Awesome! Winter in a nature

Also winter is a marvellous, TORO NC special. Welcome to our white crystal world!

Optional Tours

      Dutch Oven Lunch

      Photo Expedition Tours

      The Holiday with Trout in Hokkaido




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Nature Canoe Optional Combo Winter







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Introducing Kushiro Marshland
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